Dance Shoes

1.What size do you run? Our shoes run true AMERICAN STREET SIZE. Dancers would like to choose half size (? smaller for dancing with Sandals (Pumps remain same with your Street Size). Please carefully read our Size Chart for comparison.

2. What material do you use for the sole?

All of our ballroom dance shoes, both ladies and men' shoes have suede soles, that are non-slip soles and metal shanks in the arch for support and they are very light-weight and flexible.

3. What material do you use for the pad?

Anti-slippery padded

4.Can I choose heel style?

Whatever size heels are listed as an option for that particular shoe, that is what is available for that shoe.

5.How can I buckle my new shoes?

A. Hold the strap tightly against your ankle, adjust the buckle on the strap into the slit and drop it. B. Tighten or loosen it by adjusting the buckle holes. C. Remove it by sliding the strap out of the slot

6.How do I clean satin ballroom shoes?

A.To clean the uppers: Put some warm water and hand washing liquid into a bowl. Take a sponge and apply the water with washing liquid onto the uppers of the shoes till clean. Leave overnight to let them dry out.

B.To clean the soles: Use a metal brush (supplied by shoe resellers) to brush off any dirt and dust. I suggest you do it along the shoe sole from the back towards the front, but that's not overwhelmingly important


1.I found that you only provide Korean rhinestones on your website, can I select other rhinestones ?

Yes, you can select Swarovski rhinestones and Czech rhinestones as well. Contact us if you want Swarovski rhinestones and Czech rhinestones, we will quote to you accordingly.

ORDERS Cancellation

DreamdanceShoes strives to deliver the highest possible quality of customer service without passing any unnecessary expense to our customers. Please review the following 3 conditions for order cancellation:

1) When your order status is Just Ordered you have up to 30 minutes after placing your order to cancel it directing through our ordering system. Simply sign back in and empty your cart, or empty the cart and put in a new order after canceling the first order.

2) When the order status is "In Process", you may still request cancellation. Upon receipt of your request for cancellation, we will e-mail confirmation of your request. However, please be advised that we cannot guarantee that your request for cancellation will be honored. Your order may already have entered the shipping process, at which point it cannot be cancelled.

3) When the order status is "Shipped", you must return your order to us once you receive the shipment; and place a new order. Our Return/Exchange Policy will then apply. Refer to our return policy


How long does it take to get my order?

It usually takes 3-4 weeks to receive your order, from the day you place your order. Since our shoes are made to order, the factory needs a little bit of production time. That is why it takes as long as it does. However as soon as we get a tracking number, we will email it to you and keep you posted

Do I have to pay customs taxes? International orders should check with their local custom authorities for any custom taxes they may incur.


1. Can I change my shipping information? Yes, please prepare your order number and contact us at once.

2. I failed to track my shipping status though I clicked on the link you provided, why?

. The possible reason is: 1) As entering tracking numbers are manual operation, it takes a while for us to receive the number and send it to you. It is highly possible that your order has been in process of shipping. Or 2) You may have used the wrong link to track; the correct tracking should be:

For US residents, please click the following link and type (or copy and paste) in the tracking number for your shipping status: http://www.usps.com/shipping/trackandconfirm.htm

For Non-US residents, please click the following link to track your shipping status: http://www.ems.com. cn/qcgzOutQueryAction.do?reqCode=gotoSearchE

Note: For residents of Washington State in USA, you need to use Non-US residents Tracking Site: http://www.ems.com.cn/qcgzOutQueryAction.do?reqCode=gotoSearchE


1.What type of postage method do I use to send the shoes back and who bears the costs?

The customer will bear the postage costs when returning the shoes and we insists that you use EXPRESS MAIL or REGISTERED POST. This is to ensure the shoes do not get lost or stolen in the mail as the customer is responsible for the shoes until we receive it. Once we receive the shoes, we will send you an email confirmation that we have received the shoes. It is at this stage we become responsible for the shoes.

2.How can I speed up the exchange process?

Once you realised you need an exchange, send us back the shoes(unworn) straight-away and ask for a refund. Then place a new order online. That way, while your old shoes are on its way back to us and we are organising to get a refund back to you, you new shoes are already on its way to you.

3.What type of approval is involved in the refund/exchange process? We will approve refund/exchange your purchase once we have received your shoes or dancewear and can see that it has been unworn and still brand new.